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GEMS Foundation | Vision | GEMS India


Emancipation of the underprivileged from illiteracy, exploitation, misery, disease and hunger, through noble, tireless charity services thus aiming total rehabilitation.

GEMS has a vision, our dream will come true when...

  • Every homeless person has a roof to live under.
  • Unemployed people find work and become self-reliant.
  • Young people find themselves self-confident and in control of their lives.
  • Child labour is banished.
  • Children enjoy access to good food, health and education.
  • Unsupported women are helped to face the future boldly, with independent means of income.
  • The disabled and those with dependency problems find counseling and support.
  • The elderly know that they are not unwanted and forgotten.
  • Everyone receives adequate health care and medical succour.
  • Social security and poverty alleviation programmes of the government reach the needy.
  • Education is made available to all.
  • The one child family becomes the norm.
  • All destitutes find shelter and protection.
  • Social emancipation of all becomes a reality.
  • The environment is clean, unpolluted and healthy.


Provide infrastructure to serve the basic needs of shelter, health-care, education and vocational training to earn a livelihood, for weaker sections of the society. Rehabilitation of the aged, orphans, deserted, broken family members, through chain of charity homes across the state. Organize frequent sensitization campaigns, to create better civic sense among the society and to conduct medical awareness camps among the rural poor.

What is the source of impulse to take a wise decision to invest money? It comes from the super natural forces,which is God.If your actions are liked by God, He will give you the right impulse to act correctly or in other words to invest wisely which will give returns in thousand fold.

So first of all, invest in projects which are liked by God or precious to mankind.That is charity, social work, community development, helping the poor to alleviate their misery in various ways, small or large.

God will reward you through your other money making investments.That is why many rich people keep on donating or investing more and more money to charity than their commercial or business investments,and their business empire flourishes and lasts for decades and centuries.

Donate lavishly for the right causes and leave it to God to mould your destiny.What is more charitable than helping the poor and deprived? Nothing! So.

Give them food. 
Give them education. 
Give them discipline.
Give them jobs. 
Give them shelter. 
Give them medicine.
Pray for their Happiness.

You do this and see how your finance and stature in public life and above all your sense of satisfaction in life grows and grows.

Donate to the poor and their causes and see how fast your riches increase.